For this week's "Firefighter Friday" we talk to Michael Scoones who knows firefighting is what he wants to do. And he's already got an early jump on his career.

Michael Scoones is a junior firefighter. Because of his age, he can't do everything a normal firefighter can do, but he's getting all the training he needs to head in that direction. Now, just because he can't do everything a firefighter has to do, doesn't mean he can't do some things. In the video (above), Michael explains that younger firefighters can help by being a part of the "scene support." This means they can help the firefighters that are going into burning buildings by refilling their bottles, bringing them water, and just basically doing anything they're needed to do. If they're on the scene of a car accident, junior firefighters can help clean up around the accident, help the patient, and help with what the EMTs need them to do.

Another great thing about being a junior firefighter, is you can start taking classes and getting your training to become a firefighter once you turn 18, which is what Michael is in the process of doing now.

Micheal tells us that he's interested in firefighting because it's a family tradition. We actually talked to his brother David Scoones who is a college student and also a firefighter. Not only is his brother involved in the business, but so is his father, his cousins, and many other members of his family. It's safe to say Michael was raised around the firehouse.

We asked Micheal if there was anything he's seen during a call that has made him feel like maybe this isn't what he wants to do for the rest of his life. He says you never know what to expect when you go on a call, and every call is different. But he also added,

No, I want to keep going.

It looks like all that Michael has seen and done so far hasn't made him change his mind. He knows firefighting is in his blood, and that's what he wants to do. Which is so great to hear from a young adult who KNOWS this is what they want to do, and already knows the time commitment, the importance of his job, and the dedication it takes.

We also asked Micheal what his plans for the future are. We already know he wants to continue with firefighting, but is he looking to move out of the area, or stick around? He responded,

I'm going to stay around here. I'm going to take my classes and get going. I'll find a job in this local area, and run calls when I can.

We're so glad to get the chance to talk to Michael Scoones about his firefighting journey. Again, it's so great to hear a young adult who is dedicated to taking on this very important job. For all the Michael has seen and done so far, and for all that we know he'll do in the future, we're proud to recognize him for this week's "Firefighter Friday."

If you know of a firefighter you think deserves recognition for the job they do, you can nominate them. They could be featured on an upcoming segment of "Firefighter Friday." You can get more details and the nomination form at the link below:




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