In this week's segment of "The Zoo's News," Director of Communications Mike Beck, answers another question submitted from a listener, dealing with being involved at the Utica Zoo.

Jessica from New York Mills submitted a question a few weeks back asking about "memberships" at the Utica Zoo. She wanted to know what it means to actually become a member, and what you get for becoming one.

Mike Beck explains there are a LOT of perks to becoming a member at the zoo. First of all, your membership allows you to get into the zoo for an entire year (and not just that calendar year, if you purchase it in August you can use it up through the next August). And you only have to use it a few times before it pays for itself. Beck also adds that the zoo is only closed on Christmas and Thanksgiving, so if you wanted to go the rest of the 363 days of the year, you could.

A membership to the Utica Zoo also offers discounts or free admission at tons of other zoos, aquariums, and nature centers around the country. You get 10% off at the Utica Zoo Gift Shop, discounts on educational classes, zoo camps, and birthdays, discounts on Wine in the Wilderness and Brewfest, and lots of other perks and goodies.

One of the coolest benefits of becoming a member (besides being able to go to the zoo as often as you want), when they get new animals, members can see them first before the general public. You can go to the to get full pricing on memberships and the complete list of benefits.

If you have a question for Mike Beck, the zoo keepers, or anything about the Utica Zoo, you can submit a question below. It may be featured on an upcoming segment of "The Zoo's News."




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