It's an interesting collection piece that any Utica Comets fan would love to have. And it doubles as a toy, so why not?

Christmas is only a few weeks away and we KNOW how fast the time is going to fly between now and then. Well, we found the perfect holiday gift for the Comets' fan on your list. And if you already got their Christmas gift? Maybe pick it up and save it for that person's birthday, or maybe a "just because" gift.

With the popularity of the "Lego" movies, like "Lego Batman," the "Lego Movie," and the new "Lego Ninjago Movie," it only makes sense that this gift would be popular as well.

We're talking about the Utica Comets Lego Sets that are now available.

Utica Comets Lego Sets
Naomi Lynn/TSM

We found this very unique Comets gift inside the new Comets store at Sangertown Mall. You can buy the "Lego board" to set up your ice rink. Then, you can collect the different players to place on your ice rink. They even have an "Audie" character. Who wouldn't want to add this to their Utica Comets collection?

Maybe they'll start making Lego building kits associated with the Comets. Wouldn't it be awesome to get a kit to build the Utica AUD?





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