Other Frankfort Cities
Not only Frankfort, but we found 35 other cities named Vernon, 10 other places called Yorkville, and a handful of other cities in Central New York that share their name with other places around the country.
Heroes of 2016
2016 has been a roller coaster of a year! We've found some of the biggest heroes from our area that made the news this year. Here are their stories...
Cancer Survior Gets Home
There's no bond stronger than a sister's. This amazing woman from Oriskany changed her sister's life by giving her one of biggest gifts anyone could possibly hope for.
Oriskany 'Promposal'
Have you ever heard of a "Promposal"? It's how kids ask people to prom nowadays. It's practically like planning an engagement proposal, but taking it down a few notches and using this idea for prom. In Oriskany, one student used his truck to pull this off.
Utica Words
Central New York is a melting pot. With that, there are tons of words (especially names) that can be hard to pronounce, or don't look like how they sound. Any out-of-towner is guaranteed to butcher these words.