Did You Love Bob’s Old Fashioned Lemonade Too?
Today is National Lemonade Day and I'm happy to celebrate it since lemonade is one of my favorite drinks.  I'll take a glass of lemonade any day of the year, but please, not that watered down stuff pretending to be lemonade.  Give me the real deal like when I was a kid.
Social Media 101: The Guide for the “Other Generation”

This article begins a series with our 'Social Media Mom,'  Lucy. Someone who, we hope, will demystify the world of social media and show you the benefits of the many platforms you can use to connect and re-connect with your friends and family.
Texting, chatting, status updates, Facebook,…
Solving The Rubik’s Cube… Easier Than You Thought! [Video]
I've always been attracted to puzzles (both real and figurative) and typically don't like reading the directions first... So, naturally I decided to pick up a Rubik's cube and see if my crazy mind could conquer it. Much to my dismay, after solving a side or two I would have to mess up my solved side…
Screen Addiction or Just Having Fun?
It never fails, my kids wake up and the very FIRST thing on their minds, or rather the first three things they wanna do even while wiping the sleep from their eyes are video games, surfing on the computer or popping in a movie! We're supposed to say no to drugs but are these screens a drug too?…

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