Today is National Lemonade Day and I'm happy to celebrate it since lemonade is one of my favorite drinks.  I'll take a glass of lemonade any day of the year, but please, not that watered down stuff pretending to be lemonade.  Give me the real deal like when I was a kid.  

All this celebrating got me thinking about my favorite lemonade as a kid.  Do you remember Bob's Old Fashioned Lemonade?  It was in the Riverside Mall and I think it was next to a store that sold jeans.   The name escapes me right now.  Bob's sold not only lemonade but ice cream too.  Back to the lemonade for a minute.  It wasn't out of a bottle.  They squeezed the lemons while you waited and added the ice and syrup.  Sooooo good.  Their ice cream was yummy too.  Vanilla or chocolate ice cream(it was square, remember?) on a stick dipped in chocolate and then rolled in peanuts.   Just in case the chocolate dripped, they'd put this little white paper on the bottom of the stick.  I could go for a lemonade and ice cream from Bob's right now.  How about you?  Do you remember it?

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