Tell me I'm not the only one who yawned just looking at this picture! In fact I've yawned several times just THINKING about writing this and even something as simple as typing or reading the word does it to me! Excuse me while I do it AGAIN... Why IS that?!?Or how bout Miley Cyrus below... Is her rough superstar life robbing her of her z's? Should Nyquil pick her up for an endorsement deal?

We always associate yawning with being tired or bored but chances are it's not your fault at all for yawning at that boring meeting, or even the fault of the presenter in front of you whom you swear must be related to Ben Stein! "Beuhler?"

Some of our strongest minds in science and research have been at this one for centuries, but the Galileo of yawning has yet to surface. It was once thought that you yawn because your body was trying to make up for an oxygen deficiency from being immobile or exhausted, but new research is pointing to yawning as being a cooling mechanism for our overactive brains (especially that of this blogger... who's still yawning by the way.)

But whether that's true or just the latest thinking until the next big study comes out, why in the WORLD are we triggered to do it so easily and can't stop once we start?

Once again, there is no solid answer and we're forced to speculate... Some believe it is an evolutionary left-over designed to keep us alert if our focus is slipping during times of danger. Um, personally, if I'm in danger, the LAST thing I'm doing is yawning and I'm alert as all get-out! Others believe it has more to do with your emotions and some kind of a bonding or even an arousal reflex. Again, I'm inclined to raise my eyebrows cause if you're on a date with someone and they keep yawning, your conclusion is that they're contemplating a quick escape! I've been caught yawning while performing even when I'm not physically tired and have had fans give me quizzical looks because of it too, so...


I mean we've all even been yawning since we were in the womb, so there goes the oxygen/slash carbon dioxide imbalance idea, not to mention that we don't yawn after our bodies have been through a rigorous oxygen depleting exercise. Or maybe it's a combination of reasons and each theory has some truth to it. I dunno...

I'm more confused the more I think about it, but it's kinda fun knowing that many of you are in the middle of a yawn right now reading this (Yup me too, again!) Next up, maybe we'll explore another mystery without an answer: that infernal brain freeze! Good thing you can't just get one of those from reading about it! Ouch!