When it came to getting a prom date, you could say Bobby Chin hit all the right notes.

Chin, who goes to Centennial High School in Howard County, Maryland, has undoubtedly won the hearts of ladies everywhere after he landed a prom date by serenading the girl of his dreams in the hallway at school while a group of students looked on.

Chin had his eye on a girl named Sofia and decided to get creative when asking if she’d like to be his date for the prom, especially since he botched a previous effort a few days before. Along with a friend, he wrote a song set to the tune of Jason Mraz’s ‘I’m Yours’ and then summoned his courage to approach Sofia after fifth period in the hall one day last week.

With a rose behind his ear, Chin launched into his song, while Sofia – and a crowd – looked on.

After he finished singing, the crowd cheered. And Sofia said yes.

After this clever way to ask her to the prom, we can only imagine the stops he'll pull out on the big night.

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