There's a million different ways you could pick Powerball numbers. We're going to test out some of the best and most common methods.

With the Powerball jackpot continuing to grow to ridiculous numbers, we thought this was a good time to test out some common ways to pick those lucky numbers. A few years ago, Eric Meier gave you the Top 5 methods for picking Powerball numbers.The ideas ranged from lucky spots to buy tickets, to picking your numbers from other sets of numbers that have already won. Naomi Lynn decided to use these 5 tips to pick her numbers for this week's drawing. So here's how it works...

Will these methods work? Will they be close? Naomi Lynn will let you know what happens, how close (or far off) the methods are, and if she hits the big one, after the drawing this week.

Fingers crossed Eric Meier's methods work!




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