You want to work out, but you're struggling to find the time. Alex Carbone of The Fitness Mill put together this quick, but challenging 30-minute workout you can get done on your lunch break.

Using some of the unique equipment only at The Fitness Mill, Alex walks me through a workout that was super quick but also really challenging. Since each of these exercises are done in intervals - 1 minute - and then a short rest, you can make this workout a little shorter, or a little longer - whatever your schedule accommodates.

First we went to the Motion Cage - which is a pretty unique piece of equipment - and did weighted squats - but the cage allows a variation that combines a squat with something close to chest press. I used 25 pounds (barely) but you can always adjust the weight.

Next, we did a simple curl using TRX bands. You can make this harder or easier, depending on the angle of your body.

After that, a simple weighted step up. If that step looks too high, don't worry - it's adjustable.

From there, a slightly more difficult crunch with a weighted medicine ball (notice I could not extend my arms above my head - I'll have to work on that!)

Finally, a tricep dip - using my body weight. You can make this one harder or easier, too. Then you just repeat the cycle until you hit 30 minutes - and DONE.

You can give this same workout a try at the all new Carbone Athletics at The Fitness Mill in New York Mills. For more information about The Fitness Mill, check out their website at




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