When I spoke with them on Wednesday, they were in the process of unloading 13,000 bottles to be used to get their hand-crafted spirits to many local retailers, restaurants and bars. The still is in and running. The are doing test runs formulating Adirondack Vodka and I got an up close look at the Adirondack Distilling Company at 601 Varick Street in downtown Utica. Are micro-distilling company's a boost for small business?  I asked Master Distiller Jordan Karp for some insight.

Yes! said Jordan.

Most micro-distilling companies around the country are attached to bars and restaurants, we are unique in that you can order product online or come in next month to our location on Varick Street in Utica. The business of micro-distilleries is growing rapidly. In New York State we have about a dozen now.

And so I went for a tour of the Adirondack Distilling Company where I saw the New York State grown corn that is heated up in the mash-tun to boiling where it then ferments for a few days. I saw the stills that turn the vapor into a liquid that purifies 24 times until distilled. I saw where these fine products are chilled through Herkimer diamonds. Took a look at what I saw.

Jordon also mention that if you've ordered product, you can com in as soon as Friday November 2nd to pick up your spirits. I'll be in next month with my credit card on hand so I won't leave without a bottle of ADK Vodka, Black Diamond Gin and Varick Bourbon.

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