Have you heard of "The Friskies"? It is a major award given buy the cat food company for the best new internet cat video of the year. The grand prize winner gets $15,000, and category winners each receive $2500 each. The major award for the best new internet cat video of 2012 goes to a blind cat named Oskar. You'll enjoy watching him use his hearing skills to play with a ball.
You may have never heard of these awards because the first-ever Friskies cat video awards were just held in Los Angeles on Wednesday the 14th. More than 1,400 entries were submitted, with the first grand prize awarded to the video called, "Oskar's First Toys," starring a blind kitten named Oskar. He was born without eyes and his owners filmed the video the day after they adopted him. You'll smile when you see a blind kitten playing with his new toys, balls with bells inside that he can hear. Oskar's owners received a $15,000 prize and a year's supply of cat food. Would you like to enter your cat for next years contest? Visit Friskies for more information.