Many historic Revolutionary War sites are not only thought of for their impact on our history but also the hauntings that seem to accompany them.

When looking at preserving historic locations, one of the best ways to complete this goal is to turn it into a museum. By turning a location into a museum, it adds a level of protection for the site. Depending on what is housed within the museum, it creates a constant draw for visitors. With increased visitors comes increased funding.

The Old Stone Fort in Schoharie, NY is a good example of this. Built as a frontier church, during the Revolutionary War it was used as a fort, and was attacked by British soldiers on their way to the Mohawk Valley, and the larger and more tactically significant Fort Stanwix. After the war, the building was used again as a church, until the mid 1800s, when the congregation split, and the building was sold to New York State, and was again used for military purposes. In 1889, the process was started to turn the building into a museum.

Currently, the building is part of a museum complex, made up of a series of buildings dating from the mid 1700s to the 1970s. The museum collection reflects a variety of subjects, from those of local interest, geological interest, to military history.

The fort is also widely reported to be haunted even bringing SyFy Channel's Ghost Hunters investigate the site. Tour guides that are alone while locking up the building have heard very loud noises coming from the second floor with no apparent source. Some of these spirits seem to be associated with the artifacts housed within the museum. A soldier is supposed to haunt a display of military uniforms. Strange scents, footsteps, and other mysterious noises and images have all been reported by individuals who have investigated the museum.




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