Marjim Manor in Appleton, NY has not always been a winery and event center. It has a rich and varied history that has led to its reputation of being haunted, and its draw for paranormal shows such as Ghost Hunters.

Marjim Manor was initially built by Schubal Scudder Merritt in 1854, on the same site where he had lived with his wife and three children in a log cabin. After Schubal’s death in 1881, his daughters inherited the property, with his daughter, Sophia, buying out her sister’s portion, and running the farm herself. She sold the house to Dr. Charles A Ring in 1895, who named the house Appleton Hall.

Dr Ring lived in the house with his wife until 1908, at which time both of them had passed away. The house was inherited by Elia Estelle Morse, Dr. Ring’s sister-in –law. She ran the farm for a while, before moving out in 1922.

The house remained empty until 1933, when it was purchased by the Sisters of St. Joseph. They ran a school for the deaf, and thought that a vocational farm school was a good idea for the boys in their care. The school was open until 1993, when it went into private hands. In 2003, the current owner purchased the residence, and turned it into a winery.

There have been many ghostly visitors reported at the location. Schubal Scudder Merritt, his daughter Sophia, and his son Lewis have all been reported to haunt the building, as well as Duke, a dog belonging to the Sisters of St. Joseph.

Reports of activity around the house have been strange mists, EVPs, and items being moved on their own. Marjim Manor frequently hosts paranormal investigations on the grounds.

[Contributed By NY Shadow Chasers]

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