The next article in our Paranormal Central New York series explores the unexplained near Steuben and Remsen: As paranormal investigators, we are interested in the history of sites. Sometimes, what we get instead is the legend of the location, leaving us to fill in the gaps of history. As we are located out of Remsen, NY, we often get requests for information on haunted cemeteries on Starr Hill Road, which runs from Remsen to Steuben. We are told stories of a cemetery off of Starr Hill Road that contains an old rocking chair. It is local legend that anyone who sits in the ghostly rocking chair will meet a mysterious death. We don’t know about any rocking chairs of death, but there is an interesting ghost story connected with the road itself.

In the late 1800s, a Welsh immigrant named Dr. Roberts settled off of Starr Hill Road with his wife. Dr. Roberts was a respected physician, and was soon consulting the majority of injuries in the Remsen/Steuben area. He was always willing to help out his neighbors in a time of need. Late at night, while rushing to the aid of one of his neighbors during a horrible rain storm, Dr. Roberts was involved in a riding accident, and was killed.

It is reported by locals that Dr. Roberts continues to help others even in death. There have been many reports of people sighting the glowing lantern of Dr. Roberts moving up and down the length of Starr Hill Road. Perhaps if you are on Starr Hill Road late at night, Dr. Roberts will come to help you as well… (Editor's Note:  Starr Hill Road also leads to the Baron von Steuben State Memorial.  The resting place of the Revolutionary war figure, another site steeped in legend and lore.)

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Starr Hill EVP

The Witch Doctor of Steuben and the Ghost of Starr Hill

The Haunts and Legends of New York crew visited Starr Hill to learn the real story of the ghost and to hear about another nearby legend, the 'witch doctor' of Steuben.

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