In just over six years, Facebook has gone from little website for Harvard students to a site  with over 500 million active users, with more than 100 million of those users in the U.S. Honestly who remembers a world without it? What companies have had the most success on Facebook?

Many companies of course have jumped on the Facebook bandwagon and tried to make the most of it. It’s a great way to get your brand out, and connect to the masses. It’s a great form of advertising without spending that much cash.

According to here’s a rundown of the Top 10 most popular brand pages on Facebook:

  1. Coca-Cola - 20.7 million fans
  2. Starbucks - 18.8 million fans
  3. Oreo - 15.8 million fans
  4. Disney - 15.0 million fans
  5. Skittles - 14.3 million fans
  6. Red Bull - 14.1 million fans
  7. Converse All Star - 11.9 million fans
  8. Victoria's Secret - 10.6 million fans
  9. Converse - 9.9 million fans
  10. Pringles - 8.4 million fans

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