Are you having a party this Sunday for the Oscars? Looking to have a fun party at a low cost?

Here are some ways from to make your Oscars party more enjoyable for everyone without spending a ton of money:

  • Create Your Own Red Carpet- Hang a set of bed linens on one wall and pin them up into swoops to make a dramatic backdrop. Red is best, of course. Then, tell your guests to dress to impress and snap a few photos.
  • Movie Snacks- Nothing goes better with movies than popcorn. To celebrate the Foreign Language Films category, flavor the popcorn with spices and herbs from countries like Mexico, Greece and Algeria.
  • Make an Oscar-Winning Soundtrack- Burn a playlist of music from the soundtracks of Best Picture nominees for pre- and post-show ambiance.
  • Pick Winners- Make things interesting by having all guests pick the winners before the show starts. Whoever gets the most correct can receive an inexpensive gift, such as a copy of one of Best Picture soundtracks or bottle of wine.