Are you throwing a party this Sunday? Throwing a Super Bowl party can be a big and expensive ordeal. Looking to save money?


According to, here are some ways to cut costs and still show your guests a great time:

  • Shop Early- Don't wait until this weekend to stock up on necessities. Grocery stores will be very busy and, if sale items are sold out, you could end up paying more for less.
  • Buy Store Brands- When it comes to chips, store brands are a great value.
  • Pop Your Own Popcorn- You can get a hot air popper for about $15 and then pop tons of popcorn for your guests for mere pennies.
  • Don't Get Fancy- Avoid getting plates and cups with team logos on them and instead just stick with solid colors.
  • Forget About Dessert- Don't bother buying or serving dessert. Sugar doesn't go well with beer and chips.

Honestly these tips can go with any party. What’s a must have item at the party this Sunday?

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