At this point in my life, there's a few things I complain regularly about: how I don't get enough sleep, how I need to take better care of myself (both of which go hand in hand,) and about someone who lives in my apartment complex.

My boyfriend and I have had nothing but problems with our upstairs neighbor since we moved in. In fact, she even called the cops on us one night and truly made us question her as a person.

Since the night she called the cops, we've been trying very hard to keep our distance from her. It's tough though since we share a garage, we're always on the same side of the building.

Before I left on vacation, I had thrown some loads of laundry in the washer. One of them contained a few of my Victoria's Secret bras (which are expensive I might add.) After the wash was done, I set them in my laundry hamper next to the washer to air dry while my other clothes were being dried. I left them downstairs overnight because I accidentally fell asleep.

I go back the following night to grab them to take on vacation AND THEY ARE NOT THERE!!! I tore apart my entire house looking for them, maybe I brought them upstairs, maybe I accidentally threw them in the dryer? Nope. No where to be found. And to this day, I still can't find them.

Which leads me to my newest complaint: The Mystery of Kaylin's Stolen Bras.


There's only three people who have access to our side who would have seen them since they weren't out in plain sight, they were hidden by the washer and dryer. I am one of those who has access, my boyfriend is, and my neighbor.

I talked to my neighbor across the hall, and her laundry detergent has been going missing.

I confronted our neighbor upstairs about it asking if she's seen anyone "in the area of our washer/dryer/garage who isn't any of the three of us," and her reaction seemed so fake it was actually infuriating.

I am seriously convinced she took them, probably just to throw away because that seems like the kind of person she is. Regardless, I am so irriated they are no where to be found.

What is the craziest thing you've ever had stolen? We had some of you chime in on our Facebook page.

Mary Gurtowski - "Someone stole my German textbook in college the day before the FINAL!! (Like the language wasn't hard enough already!). Gah!!!"
Susan Boris Harrnacker - "Sneakers when I was in High School!"
Becky Linke Koslosky - "This just happened. My car door was ajar. I leave nothing in my car. I noticed my rosary was stolen off my rearview mirror. It was a gift. The rosary was from Italy and blessed by the Pope."
Susan Swiger-Johnston - "The registration tags off my license plates. I could not believe it. Now I super glue them on....."
Colleen Horender - "My daughter had some of her cards stolen out of her wedding box the day she was married."

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