It’s only available until July 16th! You've only got a few days to get into Babe's or Carmellla's for a unique burger made for a unique race. The Boilermaker Burger is not an ordinary burger. It's 8 ounces of charbroiled fresh, never frozen beef with Swiss cheese, bbq-mayo sauce with pepper bacon and the most incredible onion petals that add an amazing flavor snap. If you haven't see my son Dylan & I enjoying a bite,

Jean O'Toole from The NY Beef Council says;

What’s cool about getting the burger at either Babe’s or Carmella’s is how they serve the burger.  Open faced on the plate the server will put the Boilermaker running swish on the burger w/bbq sauce at the table.  Then “you” the customer gets to build the burger to have their own Boilermaker “Burger” Experience!