It's fitting that the Wanted's video for 'Glow in the Dark,' released in conjunction with their pre-hiatus tour (which could see the boys off the grid for a long, long time), is a collection of clips of the band through the years.

It's an Instagram-y montage of shows, backstage antics, fan encounters, goofy pool parties and more. It effectively captures and encapsulates life in an insanely popular boy band.

It also offers fast and fleeting glimpses into the wild world of the Wanted, but let us warn you: If you are a diehard member of the Wanted "Fan-mily," this footage will bum you out, since it reminds you of what was and what might not be for a while.

But it's all smiles in the footage. See one of the members swim with sharks, while another flashes that lovely smile that swept a fellow pop star with a big voice off her feet. One of the boys blows up a huge balloon, while another poses in his all-white undies during a photo shoot and another experiments with wigs.

Oh, the Wanted, we will miss you boys like severed limbs.

Thanks to Max, Nathan, Jay, Tom and Siva for the keyhole view.

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