Ever since the Wanted announced a break (but not a breakup), the band's "fanmily" and the media speculated about what went wrong and what facilitated the need to separate for a bit. While the band has promised that it will reunite, member Max George, who has enjoyed a bit of modeling, spoke about the reasons behind the split -- and it doesn't sound very good or promising regarding the future.

"Over the past year, there has been a lot of tension," said George, who is currently dating model and Adam Levine castoff Nina Agdal. "Our personal lives drove us apart. Things started to happen and we were drifting. We used to be such a brotherly pact, but it started to feel like it wasn't The Wanted any more."

Hmm… well, we all know Nathan Sykes is/was dating Ariana Grande and their 'Almost Is Never Enough' duet caught fire. George also modeled for Buffalo David Bitton.

Sounds like some members of the band had other creative itches to scratch. George said that he and Sykes admitted that they were interested in other projects.

During a difficult conversation and meeting, manager Scooter Braun asked the members "who would want to take a step out after the tour and try to do their own thing," George said. "Me and Nathan both said we have other ambitions. We were more prepared than the others because we'd looked at how things had been going with the band over the past few months."

George did confirm the longstanding rumor that the band was dropped from its label. "Our record sales weren't what they were," he said. "We had to have an open and honest discussion about that because continuing, and without a label, is difficult."

So here's what the boys will be doing during the break: Newly engaged Siva Kaneswaran will model. Tom Parker will be DJing. JayMcGuiness will look towards TV and radio, while George will model and pursue acting and Sykes will be going solo.

George has signed with CAA to rep him in Hollywood. After the band's tour, he will head to L.A. to make a serious go of it. He will "get a house and settle there. I'm going to do auditions and learn the business. There's talk of a couple of roles."

We dunno about you guys, but it sounds like Max has already moved on -- and he may have been the main member who, well, wanted this break. A Wanted recoupling doesn't seem like its at the front of his mind. Just sayin'.

Below are tweets from the band promising that things are not over for good, though. It's definitely a bunch of mixed messages.

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