We've got some not so good news for the Wanted fans and it comes straight from the mouth of band member Nathan Sykes. He shared new details about the band's break, which the boys have insisted is not a breakup, indicating that it won't be a short split.

Elaborating on their decision to go their own ways for a bit, Sykes, who endured a romantic split with Ariana Grande at the end of last year, told Maximum Pop (quotes via MTV), "It is just a break at the moment for everyone to go off and do their own thing for a bit, but you never know what's gonna happen. It could be a long break or it could be quite a short one, but it's probably going to be quite a lengthy one if I'm honest."

Sykes was echoing Max George's sentiments. George went on record and somewhat blindsided his bandmates by indicating that it was he and Sykes who wanted the hiatus to pursue their solo careers. George seemed to be fastracking his solo career, saying he was moving to L.A. and that he had secured an agent for film roles.

Sykes, who is the baby of the band at 20, continued, "Obviously, you never know what's gonna happen in the future. We might go out for a couple of drinks, and in a few minutes' time say, 'Well actually, we'd all like to get back in the studio,' so you never know what's gonna happen."

Hmmm. We dunno what to say. That doesn't sound too good or like the Wanted are in ANY rush to fix their rift.

They are, however, stoked about their upcoming tour, which gives them a chance to say bye bye to fans… for now.

"Everyone's really looking forward to the tour," Sykes confirmed.

So thankfully, it sounds as though there won't be any onstage fistfights or drama!

Sykes continued, "We really can't wait to get out on the road and see all the fans and this tour for us is just like a big old thank you to all the fans for their amazing support they've given us over the last like four or five years."

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