The exact circumstances around the Wanted's break-but-not-a-breakup have been questionable since the bitter January morning that the boys made the announcement. A new source suggests that the break happened because it had to, not because the band wanted it to.

Remember, the band was reportedly dropped from its label due to poor sales of 'Word of Mouth' after the stratospheric success of 'Glad You Came.' Then, the break came. Then, Max George opened his mouth, saying he was moving to L.A. to act and that the split shouldn't have shocked his mates. Next, Siva Kaneswaran expressed shock at that sentiment. Then George recanted. While pursuing other interests was always the reason given, it has been hard getting a straight answer out of the boys. Only Nathan Sykes came forward to suggest that it would probably be a long stretch before the band reunited.

Still with us?

Now a source tells Gossip Cop that it was Universal Music that facilitated the split.

The source said, "It’s very expensive to keep a boy band going" and that "Universal let them go." That set off the current course of action.

Without the major label backing and financial support, it appears cheaper for the boys to try and work independently. However, manager Scooter Braun is "standing by the boys" and remains their manager.

It makes us wonder why Braun, a powerhouse manager, couldn't swiftly move the band to another label. Or why Universal didn't retain the Wanted on its roster, despite operating costs, in order to keep one of their bigger managerial associates happy.

Hmm. Whatever the case, this plot remains thick as ever.

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