When the Wanted announced their break (not breakup), close-cropped member Max George went on record to say that he was ready to move on, planned an L.A. move and that his bandmates shouldn't be shocked. But they were. Now, the singer has backpedalled and changed his tune a bit.

The singer told Manchester Evening News that he is approaching the next phase of his career in measured fashion -- and there is golf in his future.

"I’m actually going to take my time before I decide on what I’m doing," George mused. "I’ve just bought a house in Manchester, and I want to have to time to settle down for a bit, take a break and play some golf. Some people seemed to think I’ve got a master plan, and that I’d decided to leave the band, which I haven’t at all."

Despite saying that he was moving to Los Angeles and had hooked up with an acting agent, George, 24, said, "Manchester is my home, and I was always going to get somewhere to settle here." He does have meetings in the future, though!

George also reiterated that the band getting dropped by its label facilitated the break, which member Nathan Sykes said he thinks will be a long one.

"We don’t want to call it to the end, because we do want to come back and work together again, but after an amazing four years I think we all want to go and try different things," George explained.

He continued, "There was always going to be a reaction to an announcement like that, and it hasn’t been an easy decision for us boys, but with doing just one more song with the label the decision was kind of made for us. I’ll be honest, we weren’t really given that much choice. Of course it’s upsetting for the fans, and for us, but there was nothing we could do about it."

The band is currently touring before taking that much-discussed break. Our fingers and toes, and anything else that is crossable, are crossed, hoping the break isn't super long.

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