Look closely at the photo... Do you have any idea what it is? Do you know what kind of damage these 'things' have done?! Do you think you could help a girl out?

It may seem obvious to you what those little "balls" are in the photo, but when I pulled the first one out of the dryer, I had no idea what it was. When I pulled out a few more, it hit me...

I left a packet of gum (that was almost half full), in the back pocket of my jean shorts. Now, normally I'm really good about making sure I don't leave anything in my pockets before putting my clothes in the hamper, but apparently I forgot this time. And this time it had to be gum, instead of money, or paper, or anything else that wouldn't do any damage.

The damage I'm speaking of??

The sticky gum residue got on everything that was in the dryer... EVERYTHING! Just look at these little messes:

Sticky Spots of Gum on a Shirt That Went Through the Dryer
Naomi Lynn/TSM

Or this:

Sticky Spots of Gum on a Black Shirt
Naomi Lynn/TSM

That's not lint on those clothes. And it's not stained either. It's still sticky! What a disaster, am I right?! And it's on every piece of clothing that was in that load.

Well, now is where you come in... Do you think you could help a girl out? What do I do to get rid of all these sticky little spots? I don't want to get rid of the clothing because that's a LOT of clothes to just throw out. And a lot of those clothes that were in the dryer were almost brand new (that's my luck). I looked online on how to get rid of it, but the only advice I found was to use a toothbrush and scrub each spot with cold water... There's got to be hundreds of spots!!! I can't spend THAT much time trying to save these clothes! Do you know of any tricks? Any and all advice would be GREATLY appreciated. You can leave me a message or comment on our Facebook Page at: Lite 98.7 - OR - give me a call at the station: (315) 721-0987

And hopefully you can use this story as a reminder to always be careful and remember to take everything out of your pockets before putting them in the hamper. If you're not sure, maybe double-check before you actually put the clothes in the washer. Or, do what I'm going to do from now on, NEVER carry gum in my pockets. I can't risk this happening again.




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