The holidays are here, and chances are you have your fair share of parties to attend. But what if you're the one throwing the party? There are some rules in place for you.

You probably know the rules as a guest: Bring a bottle of wine and follow up with a thank-you note. Also don’t drink too much and be a goof ball. The following is a list put together by Yahoo on things party guest won’t tell you that you should know.  

  • Put some thought into the food you serve and how you serve it- If you're serving a buffet, your party guests need enough surfaces to eat on. Either have plenty of seating or just serve finger foods.
  • Make sure there's enough room for everyone to mingle- If your guests walk into a crush of people and can't move around, it will be no fun for anybody. Maybe have the food in a different room if it takes up to much space.
  • Don't forget about the bathroom- Cleaning your bathroom is vital. A bathroom with no toilet paper will hurt your guests' impression in a big hurry. Make sure you are fully stocked, and clean.
  • Be clear whether kids are welcome or not- Simply say, "adults only" or "kids welcome" on the invitation. Nothing worse than kids showing up to an adults only party. What do you do for them? Are their activities set a side? This one is a crucial one.
  • Keep dogs and cats out of sight- You may love your pets, but your guests don't. Dog slobber and cat fur are serious mood killers. Nothing worse than the dogs barking or begging for food from all the guests!

What are some other rules not on the list?