Everyone has had a rough day at work - things just aren't going your way and then you spill coffee on your shirt. That's pretty bad, but maybe not as bad as this CNY person's day.

The person who took this picture asked not to be identified, but they told us the following:

Did you ever have a day where everything was a little bit of a fight? Like, you’re getting through it, but it’s all just taking slightly more effort than usual. That was today. The last task of the day was to meet with a client, and she brought her young kid with her. When they left, I noticed a giant wet spot in the chair.

At the end of the day, I guess bad luck is all relative. Who really had the worse day here? The custodian who has to deal with the chair, the mom who was probably mortified by her kid's accident, or the person whose desk is now missing a chair? That's a tough call.

Just remember, when you're having a bad day - someone else's is probably worse.



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