It's no secret that YouTube is full of re-makes, re-mixes, covers and parodies of popular music. Most of them horrible. Well, YouTuber Kutiman decided to take pieces of 23 unrelated music videos and put them all together into one music video that’s really, not that bad at all.

Kutiman says on his youtube page:

I would like to thank all the musicians that are in this project and to all of you out there for sharing your knowledge and talent on the internet.

Let's face it, some re-makes are just plain awful, like this 'Fancy' parody from the folks at The Cheesecake Factory in Buffalo, NY. There is no slice of 'We're So Cheesecake' in the featured music mash-up...thankfully.

But keep them coming America. Perhaps the time spent in 2014 will come back to life in the future to entertain us once again.

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