We are less than a week away from Thanksgiving! Let's have some fun with a little game of 'This-OR-That,' focusing on the food holiday, of course.

We've had you play "This-OR-That" quite a few times this year, from our "Summer Edition" of the game to our "Halloween-Themed" one. And we've been creating a BUNCH of polls lately, having you vote for your favorite items.

Well, once again we want to hear from you! We're going to play "This-OR-That" Thanksgiving edition. You just have to pick your favorite from the two things listed in each group.

Easy, peasy!

Alright let's do this - Go ahead and vote below:



Hopefully this helped you get into that Thanksgiving mood, and you're ready for all that delicious food. We'll share the results with you on Tuesday (November 20th) - Just in time for Thanksgiving. That way you can see how your answers compared to everyone else's.




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