It's swimsuit time once again! Plenty of time at the beach, plenty of time at the pool. Some people just aren't educated on proper swmsuit procedure.


Showing some skin is fine, but it's best if you follow these easy swimsuit pointers from MSN before you head out to the beach or pool:

-DON'T wear a swimsuit with a zillion straps. Sure, we've all been tempted by a sexy, strap-ilicious one-piece, but just imagine the maze of trippy tan lines.

-DON'T wear a cover-up that doesn't cover you up. Less isn't always more! When deciding what to wear over your suit, think of the dress code of nearby restaurants.

-DON'T wear a swimsuit that looks like lingerie. Some looks are best kept inside the bedroom. Leave a little to the imagination by keeping the lingerie back in your room.

Read the full list of tips from MSN.

(Photo by Sylvan Beach/Facebook)

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