I reached out on Facebook yesterday to see what were some of your most hated items of clothing were. This was prompted because a survey was released with the information of what people in the United Kingdom hated most. I wanted to see what we hated here in Central New York the most. Visit the post here and chime in.

I got some awesome comments from you! Socks and sandals (I will admit, I'm guilty,) leggings, people who's underwear you can see while their pants sag, etc. Man buns was also mentioned several times and it made me picture Fabio with a bun. I'm sure it's been done.

The survey, published by the BBC, was based on 3,227 participants. Here's the full list that was released:

  1. Speedos, 69%
  2. Leather pants, 63%
  3. Crocs, 59%
  4. Bell bottoms, 57%
  5. Tops with elbow patches, 54%
  6. Track suits, 52%
  7. Bright red pants, 51%
  8. Uggs, 51%
  9. Sweater vests, 49%
  10. Deep V-neck t-shirts, 49%
Credit: Chris Chambers, Getty Images
Credit: Chris Chambers, Getty Images

“Our results show that some things really are better left to the imagination," said Matthew Smith of YouGov. “No matter how ready men’s beach bodies are this summer, they might not make too many friends if they stride across the sand in a pair of Speedos.”

Speedos definitely make sense. It's sometimes just a really awkward situation. I know leather pants are starting to make a come back, same with track suits. And come on, Uggs are just comfortable, same with Crocs.

What's something clothing wise that you can't stand? Do you agree with this list?

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