During 2015 we brought you trending and interesting stories from across the Utica area, upstate New York and even the farthest reaches of space. These are the top 5 stories published on Lite987.com in 2015.

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    'American Pickers' Coming to Upstate New York

    Back in March we told you about American Pickers coming to film episodes in Upstate New York. A segment filmed in Little Falls aired later in the year.

    Rick Diamond/Getty Images
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    Chick-fil-A Plans Upstate New York Expansion

    2015 was a year when some major national chains started eyeing Upstate New York. The largest Sonic in the world was built near Buffalo and Chick-fil-A was scouting our region as well.

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    Take a Look Inside Utica’s Castle-like 1513 Genesee Street

    The house, really more of a castle, at the corner of Genesee Street at Jewett Place in South Utica is a landmark in the city. We got a look inside in April.

    City of Utica - Urban Renewal
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    New York's Legally Haunted House

    Just before Halloween we shared a story about New York's only legally haunted house. The home, downstate along the Hudson River in Rockland County, was the subject of a property dispute and the state supreme court ruled that it was legally haunted.

    Google Maps Street View
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    Was Mars Closer Than Ever to Earth in August?

    We helped to refute an internet hoax about Mars being closer than ever in its history to Earth in August 2015

    (Photo by Space Imaging via Getty Images)