Fox sent us a nice gift from the new comedy Traffic Light which premieres tonight! The show centers on three longtime friends as they deal with the complications of their relationships.


The show stars David Denman (best known as Pam's ex-fiance Roy on The Office) who plays Mike, a married lawyer with a young son. His college friends Adam and Ethan are in different stages of life: Adam is just moving in with his girlfriend while Ethan is a perpetual bachelor.

Denman explained the show's premise:

"A big part of our show is spent in traffic on the phone with each other. Almost every, every episode, a quarter of our episodes, are done talking to each other going to or from work or whatever we're doing or wherever we're going. So as much as the show is the these different stages of relationships that, you know, red being very happy and settled in a marriage and yellow just moving in trying to figure it out and green, never really wanting to be in a relationship. It's also about living in traffic like using modern technology to communicate with your friends."

Will you be watching?

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