With it being October, Lite 98.7 has asked for your support for breast cancer awareness month. Here are just some of our Treasure Your Chest Crusaders.

October is breast cancer awareness month, and we've teamed up with First Source Federal Credit Union for our 'Treasure Your Chest' campaign. We have asked workplaces and businesses across Central New York to pledge their support - and here are just some of the organizations that jumped on board.

And for pledging their support - and being a 'Treasure Your Chest' Crusader, these workplaces and businesses received their very own Lite 98.7/First Source Federal Credit Union 'Treasure Your Chest' pink t-shirts!

Naomi Lynn/TSM

Congratulations to The Medicine Shoppe in Ilion - they are one of the businesses that entered to be our Treasure Your Chest Crusaders! Naomi Lynn stopped by and delivered them the Treasure Your Chest t-shirts on Thursday.

Naomi Lynn/TSM

And a big congratulations to the Valley Health Services Business Office in Herkimer - they are also our Treasure Your Chest Crusaders! Thanks to Clarissa Bell for nominating her workplace. And thanks to Penny for sharing her story with us when we dropped off the t-shirts - Penny is a 20-year Breast Cancer Survivor!

Thanks to all the businesses and workplaces that pledged their support, and became Treasure Your Chest Crusaders for breast cancer awareness month!



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