Here's a relatively easy question for you.  When you're driving and the traffic light turns green, do you immediately go?  Or do you wait a second or two?

When I was younger, I would've gone the instant  the traffic light turned green.  Not now.  Too many times I've seen cars, trucks, buses and other vehicles run red lights.  In fact, I'm seeing it more than I ever have.  Now when the traffic light turns green, I wait a second or two.

Many times when I've done this, I've had a vehicle zip through their red light, and I'm always glad I've waited that extra second or two.    What if I'd gone immediately?  Possibly an accident or a near accident?  It's unfortunate that you have to drive defensively but you do.  The driving around CNY this summer has deteriorated big time.  Can't imagine how bad it'll be when we have snow and ice on the ground!

green traffic light
Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images

So the next time you're behind me at a traffic light and I don't go right away when the light turns green,  it's not that I'm daydreaming.  I'm just waiting for someone to run the light before I go.  Now you know.

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