A New York man who has 48 driving suspensions was nailed again. He hasn't had a license in more than 20 years, but that didn't stop him from getting behind the wheel.  

We know what you're thinking: " I'd like this man to be my personal chauffeur." Umm, we think not. Why does this man have keys to an operating vehicle? We're not sure either, but Ernest Harvey has a really good explanation; according to 13 WHAM:

 "I took it to the shop," Harvey said. "The police were there and I thought, 'Well they're not going to bother me,'" he said. "Then when I went to pull out (leave), he pulls me over." Harvey said he drove out of necessity.

He says the mechanic didn't fix his car right the first time, so he decided to drive it back to the shop. He was pulled over because cops noticed that the vehicle was missing plates. The car also turned up as stolen.

Though Harvey has 48 suspensions, he really regrets his decision to drive and is committed to get it right this time. He left court on foot, and he was first interviewed while waiting for PUBLIC transportation...at the bus stop.


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