A New York woman was ticketed for traveling in the car pool lane with a dummy passenger. The fake traveling companion even had a briefcase to make him look official.

We have to hand it to this woman for being creative, unfortunately her plan back fired. And, the dummy passenger was not even wearing a seat belt. What was she thinking? Didn't she realize that a pile of clothes, and a baseball cap could have been seriously injured?

According to Syracuse.com:

The driver was pulled over during Thursday morning rush hour on the Long Island Expressway in Dix Hills. Suffolk County police say the woman was driving in a high-occupancy vehicle lane, which is restricted for travel during busy times unless a driver has a passenger.


We've seen some pretty unusual things on the road here in Central New York as well. Do you remember when Matt spotted the driver playing a diddy on his guitar in Little Falls? How about the dude wearing a horse mask in Ilion? And who could ever forget the woman who was playing cards while her foot was on the gas pedal near Westmoreland?


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