They've been around since 1933, but Twinkies may not be around much longer.  Hostess Brands Inc. is having financial and employee troubles which could spell end of the famous yellow snack cake.

Hostess Brands Inc. workers unhappy with longer work hours and reduced health benefits have been striking since last weekend.  The Texas based  company's new contract would cut wages by eight percent and according to The Bakery, Confectionary, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers International Union, the contract also would cut benefits by thirty-two percent.  Hostess has been struggling financially the past few years and has filed for bankruptcy twice, according to ABC News.  Do you know how they came to be named Twinkies?  Inventor James A. Dewar came up with name while driving by a billboard advertising for the "Twinkle Toe Shoe Company."  He shortened the name to Twinkies and soon the snack was a huge hit.  Would you miss Twinkies if they went away forever?