The popular ride sharing apps for Uber and Lyft that have been absent from Upstate New York are due to begin later this summer.  When the new state budget was approved earlier this spring, it permitted both apps to begin service on July 9th.

However, a report by says Governor Andrew Cuomo may sign a bill this week that would allow Uber and Lyft to begin operation in this area on June 29th.  Supporters of ride sharing say that by having them available for the July 4th holiday, it will cut down on drunken driving in the upstate area.

Until now, ride sharing has been available in New York City, but no where else in the state.  It's one of the few areas in the country without the apps.  Uber and Lyft has drivers who use their own vehicles to quickly pick-up customers who've requested a ride using their apps.  They've turned out to be an effective and inexpensive ride home for those who have been consuming alcohol.


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