Travelers on the Thruway in Albany, NY last night (April 14th, 2013) are reporting witnessing a UFO in the skies above the city.

One traveler, Renee commented on the Shadow Chasers Facebook page inquiring about the incident and recounting her experience.

My friend and I were on the thru-way between exits 22 and 21a and there was something vaguely airplane shaped, but lit up like a Christmas tree. It was so bright that at first we thought it was a tower light or something. When we got closer, I could see that it was hovering. The ends (wings, maybe?) were lit red and the underneath of it was an extremely bright white. Now I am no expert on the subject, but to my ignorant self it seems like seeing an airplane close enough to see the lights THAT bright would mean you'd see it moving, too, right? But it was hovering... or going so slow it looked to be hovering.

This isn't the first report that has come in from Albany with Unexplained aircraft hovering in the skies. In late December (Dec 29, 2012), another couple reported a similar account to MUFON and just a few weeks later another witness filmed these strange lights in the skies. Have you seen something similar?

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