New York has some beautiful features like Niagara Falls, Letchworth State Park, and pretty much everything in the Adirondacks. But when it comes to man-made structures, our state is home to some... Well, not-so-great-looking buildings.

Business Insider has created a list of the ugliest buildings in each state (based on the opinions of people who live in that state), so obviously something had to be named for our state. But on their list, New York unfortunately got the brunt of the bashing. The article named one ugly building for each state, with a few states having "dishonorable mentions." Well, except for New York...

New York had three buildings named as the ugliest buildings in our state. And we also had quite a list for the "dishonorable mentions," including a building in Buffalo, one in Albany, one in Syracuse, and a handful of others.

So what were the ugliest buildings in New York?

According to Business Insider it was a tie between Madison Square Garden/Penn State, and 432 Park Avenue. Now, we can definitely agree with 432 Park Avenue; Just look at it:

Looking Up from 57th Street in New York City, Towards the Park Avenue Skyscraper, Which You Can't Even See the Top of It
Photo Credit: Google Maps Street View

That's a view looking up at the skyscraper (on the left side), which you can't even see the top of it. 432 Park Avenue is condominiums, and it happens to be the tallest residential building in the Western Hemisphere (according to the 432 Park Avenue Website). The structure stands 1,396 feet tall and towers over everything surrounding it.

But Madison Square Garden?

A View of Madison Square Garden at Night
Photo Credit: Google Maps Street View

It may not be the prettiest building, but we're sure there are a lot of uglier places.

As for the "dishonorable mentions," there were quite a few. This was the list according to Business Insider...

the Buffalo City Courthouse; the Central Warehouse in Albany; the Stony Brook Hospital at Stony Brook University; Haven Hall at Syracuse University in Syracuse; Bradfield Hall at Cornell University in Ithaca

Some list right?

We can complain about all these buildings being called ugly, we can agree with some of them (or even all of them), but the fact is every state is going to have some structures that aren't works of art. At least we're not Los Angeles, California, which has a KFC building that resembles a a bucket of fried chicken. No seriously, it does, maybe not the colors, but definitely the shape of the building.

And on top of all those ugly buildings, at least New York can brag about having beautiful colleges. Colgate University in Hamilton has been named the most beautiful college campus. And they've earned that title numerous times.




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