It's been more than three months a cow has been roaming the streets of Utica. Authorities have tried to wrangle the rogue animal, to no avail. Residents have captured pictures of the cow, which is actually a beef steer, and one even caught it on video.

Does anyone know if the police are trying to catch this bull?

Posted by Megan Samantha Lifson on Saturday, October 3, 2015

The cow has made national headlines including a story in the Associated Press. It even has its own Facebook page.

It was first spotted in the area of the Sangertown Square Mall on Commercial Drive in New Hartford, but is from the Vernon area.

Authorities released a statement asking for the public's help capturing the animal. “Immediate assistance is needed from either the owner of the cow or from anyone with experience in handling this type of animal and the equipment to corral it.”

Anyone who can help is asked to call police as soon as possible at: (315) 733.6666.

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