This is a view of Upstate New York like you've never seen before.

A photo captured by NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory from data gathered in 2000 by the Space Shuttle Endeavour for National Imagery and Mapping Agency.

Here's what you'll see in the photo. The bottom left is Lake Ontario while the bottom right are the eastern Finger Lakes. The blue in the bottom middle is Oneida Lake. Following the line up the image from Oneida Lake (trace the tiny blue line out of the lake, that is the Erie Canal), you'll see the valley formed by the Mohawk River nestled between the Adirondacks, shown in dark reddish brown, to the north and the Catskills to the south.

The Internet Archive, which has added this image to its vast library, reports the data is from October, explaining why the Adirondacks are shown in reds and browns, that the fall foliage.

Another fascinating aspect of the photo is the Tug Hill Plateau. That geographic feature is shown in white on the left hand side of the image inland from Lake Ontario and just below the Adirondacks. The white is likely snowcover. Now it's easy to understand why the Tug Hill is one of the snowiest areas of the country every winter. Storms rolling off Lake Ontario butt up against the tall Adirondacks and dump their snow over that portion of Upstate New York.

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