It's easy to take Central New York's delicious and uniquely homegrown cuisine for granted. And it's sad that those outside of the greater Utica area don't get a chance to enjoy the greens, riggies and tomato pie that we do.

A user of the discussion website reddit recently asked the /r/Buffalo subreddit if there was any place in Western New York to find Utica's Italian staples.

If there was a restaurant doing Utica style cuisine around Buffalo, certainly someone on reddit would have pointed that out. It appears that once you travel west of Syracuse, greens and riggies fall off the menu pretty quickly.

There is one outpost of Utica Greens and Riggies in Western New York and it's something we've tipped you off to before, Papa Gig's, a food truck in Rochester. The truck is operated by a Utica native whose family used to run Gig's Restaurant and Bar (remember them?).

Even if Utica riggies and greens aren't to be found in Buffalo, that's not to say the city is without great food. It was named the top food city in the state. While Utica's Italian staples may be missing, there's no place in Central New York that will "parm" a dish of pasta they way they do at Chef's in Buffalo.

An Ode to Utica Greens