With 6 to 10 inches of snowfall expected, the City of Utica has declared a snow emergency for this latest snowstorm.

According to a press release, the snow emergency will go in effect at 10am tomorrow (Wednesday, February 7th), and will stay in effect until further notice. When there is a snow emergency, vehicles must be off city streets. This way, snow plows and sand trucks can take care of any ice/snow buildup and get the streets clear. It's also for safety reasons, for emergency vehicles.

This means absolutely NO vehicles are to be left on city streets or roadways - There are no exceptions to this rule (even if you have an overnight permit. They are not applicable during a snow emergency). Vehicles left on city streets after 10am may be ticketed and towed.

The City of Utica is also urging no unnecessary travel on city streets during this snowstorm, and while the snow emergency is in place.

We'll keep you updated on this winter storm as it gets closer. And you can always get the latest weather at the link below:




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