A couple of weeks ago Naomi told you about Utica's first ever 48 hour film festival. Maybe after you check out my short movie, you'll be ready to shoot or act in your own!

Back in 2008 I got to be a part of the 48 Hour Film Festival in Sacramento, California. One of the judges of the event was actor Michael Rapaport. Our film crew was given a few guide lines before we started out: one of the stipulations for all of the competing teams was that the name "Sophia" had to be mentioned at least three times in the film. We also had to wear black.

The film was shot at night on the Sacramento River. One of the scenes took place on an old abandoned boat. This made for an incredibly realistic and scary feel! The film’s producer gave us free reign to ad lib our lines. This wasn't difficult to accomplish since I only had a couple of them.

****WARNING**** this probably isn't a good one for the little ones to watch because it's kind of spooky and it also contains some implied violence.

Yup, I died; and not by choice, but "death" seems to be the emanating theme in a lot of the projects I've been involved with: I got shot in Nite Tales: The Movie starring Flavor Flav and I attended a funeral in Stoker starring Nicole Kidman. That being said, I had a blast working on Black Widow. If you've ever wanted to try acting or producing a film, I encourage you to get on board the Utica 48 Hour Film Festival!

Here are the details that Naomi gave you:

The movies will be screened at Munson Williams Proctor Arts Institute on Sunday, May 17th, starting at 7pm. Judges will pick the top three movies, and the audience will pick winners for things like ‘Best Actor,’ and such.

If you’re ready to get out your creative side and you want to be a part of this Film Festival, you can register at the utica48 wordpress page. There you will also find contact information and everything else you need to know about being a part of this event (a few other rules for movie-makers). You can also get more details on the Utica 48 Hour Film Festival Facebook Page.

Just Jen and I chatted about Utica's 48 Hour Film Festival this morning!


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