Let's settle this once and for all - Which flavor of Saranac soda is the best? Vote for your favorite and see if the rest of CNY agrees with you...

If you're like most Central New Yorkers, you love our local soda - Our delicious, full-of-flavor Saranac options. We're not arguing the fact that Saranac makes some great beverages (both "adult" and regular). But we are arguing about which one is the absolute best...

Think of it this way: If you could only drink one flavor of Saranac soda for the rest of your life, which flavor would you choose? Do you always go for the root beer (a HUGE favorite) or even the diet root beer? Maybe you love Saranac's Black Cherry Cream soda more. What about their "Shirley Temple," "Orange Cream" or "Ginger Beer"?

Have you ever seen or had Saranac's Sparkling Lemonade? I don't know if you would consider it a "soda," but it is carbonated, so we're going to include it in the voting.

So here's you chance, here's your opportunity to voice your opinion: Which Saranac Soda is the All-Time Best Flavor Ever? Vote in the poll below and let us know where you stand:

We're going to keep the results hidden... For now. First, we're going to leave the voting open for a few days, then tally up the votes, and then share the results with you next week. We'll post the results on FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 14TH and finally be able to end the debate - We'll finally know what Saranac soda Central New Yorkers think is the best.

Good luck to you and your favorite flavor.




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