Guys from CNY are...special. And when you're in a relationship with one of them, it can be a wild ride. Or not. Let's say you want off your particular CNY roller coaster. How do you lose a CNY guy?

Break-ups stink. The obvious approach is to just end things face-to-face, but if you just can't bring yourself to do that, here are some more extreme measures you can try.

How To Lose a CNY Guy in 10 Ways


  1. Tell him you HATE the Utica Comets. Actually, tell him you hate everything about hockey, including ice, skates and Labatt's Blue. That'll shake him.
  2. Snowmobiles? Snow? Skiing? Ice fishing? Aww heck no! Let him know you loathe everything about the winter and no amount of hot cocoa and jingle bells will change it.
  3. Pizza and wings? Sorry, beneath your sophisticated palate. Tell him it's raw oysters at Ocean Blue and a table for two at the Horned Dorset or you'd rather starve.
  4. Dating a country boy? Tell him you've never seen anything more unsexy than Carhartt and Dickie's work clothes. Dirty hands and a hot bod? No thank you.
  5. No football on the weekends. Tell him any guy that dates you has to accept that weekends are for shopping and visits to Mom's house. No to the Buffalo Bills, hello to hours at the mall.
  6. Let him know that your severe gluten allergy means he can't even touch a Utica Club. Or a Saranac. Not if he wants to kiss you with those lips.
  7. Tell him you're deathly allergic to his four-legged best friend. Sorry, I know Fido saved his life once, but he's gotta go. Bye.
  8. When he suggests a romantic drive to do a little leaf-peeping, let him know all those colors hurt your eyes, plus nature? EWWWW.
  9. When he says he got you both court-side seats to see the Orange, ask him why he wasted all that money on fruit when you can just get them at Price Chopper? You're all about getting enough Vitamin C, but sheesh.
  10. If your guy's a hunter, make sure he knows you're a vegetarian...except for chicken and fish. Explain that if men we're supposed to go out and kill animals for food, there wouldn't be grocery stores. DUH.

Obviously, we're not serious here. In fact, any woman who actually believed all these things is probably too miserable to date anyone, much less an awesome CNY guy.



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