I can’t imagine a day in my life without going home and seeing my little pups. We pretty much run a zoo in my home, and we have a few different animals. We have four dogs, yup you read that right. Four dogs!


When you're dating someone new, you're constantly on the lookout for clues. The sooner you figure out what kind of guy he is, the sooner you can make good decisions about whether or not to keep him around. What about the little things though, like what kind of dog he owns? Can that be a sign?

According to Women's Health, the kind of dog he owns actually says a lot about him:

  • Labrador Retriever- Guys who own Labs might be a family guy at heart or love the great outdoors. Lab owners also value stability over originality.
  • German Shepherd- If he has a well-behaved German Shepherd, chances are the guy has big-time patience and discipline, which is great. If the dog seems aggressive, then the owner hasn't put in the time to make the relationship work, which means he might not have his stuff together.
  • Yorkshire Terrier- If he owns one of these little toys, three things are possible. It used to belong to his ex, he's not interested in the ladies or else he's very, very secure in his manhood.
  • Golden Retriever- Golden Retrievers are the perfect package. They're fun and easy to train. If your man's dog doesn't listen, don't blame the dog. Instead, blame the guy.

Is the pet enough of a reason to think your boyfriend isn't marriage material?

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